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Relocation Blues: From the Perspective of Your House Pet

Have you ever wondered if the choices you make for yourself and your family could be impacting your pet’s life too? After all, your pet is also an autonomous being that could be living an entire life of its own without your knowledge, but you wouldn’t know that because you exist on different wavelengths. For

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What Could Be Making Your Dogs Sick in Your House?

How comforting it is to think that our homes are paradises on Earth, that there is nothing safer in this world than it. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking always leaves us to take our homes for granted. Instead of maintaining it as we should, we neglect the needs of our homes. We take comfort in

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Saying Goodbye: What to Do When a Pet Dies in Your Home

Many people love pets. Statistics have shown that more than half of Americans own pets, that’s about 85 million people. However, most of these pet owners do not know what to do when their pets pass away. It can be a distressful moment in anyone’s life and know that it’s okay to grieve during these moments.

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How to Make Relocating Stress-Free for Pets

Moving can be an exciting and anxiety-inducing endeavor. On the one hand, there’s excitement in knowing that you’re moving into your dream home. But on the other hand, you also have quite a lot of packing, planning, and running around to do. Now imagine the latter with pets underfoot. Pets, especially cats and dogs, are

take dog to vet

How You Can Prepare Your Furry Best Friend to Visit the Vet

After a long day from work and school, our pets help us de-stress the moment we reach the doors of our home. However, loving our pets is more than just feeding and playing with them; it’s also caring about their health. Fortunately, veterinary clinics are usually available in almost any city in the country. If we love

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