Woman gardening

Big Garden on a Small Lot: How You Can Incorporate It

You can do your part to help the environment and avoid its further degradation. You can grow plants in your home. But how can that happen when you have a small parcel of land, and the main house occupies most of it? Many homeowners forgo their plan of having a garden on their property because

a senior woman gardening

Retirement and Making the Most of the Golden Years

Retirement marks the beginning of every person’s Golden Years. People who had busy schedules may have difficulty adjusting to the retired lifestyle. As a result, many retirees may start grieving their lost work or productivity. It is normal and will pass with time. Once they have accepted their situation, they will still have so much

orchid plants

Starting Your First Orchid Business

You were casually observing the reticulation installation company do their work fixing your sprinkler system. The weather is nice and cool this time of the year in Perth, as you sit back in your front porch sipping tea. You can’t help but admire what’s in front of you—a big lawn with a well-manicured garden with

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